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Mladen Prajdić  I'm from Slovenia and I'm currently working as a .Net (C#) and SQL Server developer.

I also speak at local user group meetings and conferences like SQLBits and NT Conference
Welcome to my blog.
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January 2008 Blog Posts

Application Locks (or Mutexes) in SQL Server 2005

I've written an article here on SQL Team about Application Locks in SQL Server 2005 Application locks aren't a well known area of locking in SQL Server, but they can be very useful for special scenarios. They work in a analogous way to the lock() construct in .Net and are basicaly user defined mutexes in SQL Server.   It's a second part in the locking series articles: Part 2: Application Locks (or Mutexes) in SQL Server 2005 Part 1: Introduction to locking in SQL Server 2005

posted @ Tuesday, January 08, 2008 5:13 PM | Feedback (5) |

The dangers of blogging by Yossi Vardi

This is a very "serious" talk presented by legendary Israeli investor and community-builder Yossi Vardi. It talks about the dangers of blogging especially for males.       Direct video link here. Worth the watch!

posted @ Saturday, January 05, 2008 12:15 AM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Misc ]

Automated GUI testing - Is it worth it?

In 2007 I've worked a lot with NUnitForms. It contains all major controls testers and you can easily create your own ones for e.g. a Data Grid or a 3rd party control. I had to create one for Janus GridEx and it wasn't really that hard. A little reflection went a long way :) Lately, the whole project was at a standstill for some time but now it seems it's revitalizing nicely with new people on board. So if you haven't yet go take look. This is just one open source GUI testing platform and I'm sure there are others... I haven't...

posted @ Thursday, January 03, 2008 9:21 PM | Feedback (12) | Filed Under [ .Net ]

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