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Is it possible to have multiple sets of key columns in a table?

Filtered indexes is one of my new favorite things with SQL Server 2008. I am currently working on designing a new datawarehouse. There are two restrictions doing this It has to be fed from the old legacy system with both historical data and new data It has to be fed from the new business system with new data When we incorporate the new business system, we are going to do that for one market only. It means the old legacy business system still will produce new data for other markets (together with historical data for all markets)...

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Unsupported and/or undocumented features

In my past competition for Phil Factor 'Subscription List' SQL Problem, I presented a technique of Ordered CTE Update which is explained more in detail by Mladen Prajdic. In the comments to the in-depth analysis follow-up article by MVP Kathi Kellenberger, there is now some sort of debate whether or not if it's responsible to present a technique like that. The nay-sayers argument are valid Ordered updates are not supported by Microsoft It is an undocumented and unsupported feature which may break in next service pack or version of SQL Server Most of the nay-sayers reference to the traditional "Quirky Update",...

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Convert FILETIME to SYSTEM time using T-SQL

Today I answered a question where OP wanted to convert a 64-bit filetime value to a system time. After a little reading about FILETIME, I learnt that the number is a value for 100 ns passed since January 1st 1601. This gets little tricky since the normal date zero for SQL Server is January 1st 1900. But with a little arithmetic things worked out. The most cumbersome part was the INT limit for passing parameters to DATEADD function, but that was easy to overcome too. However, I am not convinced the actual number for the nanosecond value is returned "reversed" from...

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The impossible thing happened...

Yesterday I got the brilliant idea to format my laptop and reinstall Windows 7 from scratch. I've had a few problem last month, mostly due to upgrading the preinstalled Vista to Windows 7. Said and done, I boldly finished the installation and thought everything was ok. I mean, my email is IMAP so all email are stored at my ISP, all my relevant documents are on another partition on the harddrive and so on... But..! Now I have noticed I forgot to save my Favorites Links. So now I need your help. I can try to remember all my favorites (about 80 of...

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