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October 2004 Blog Posts

More MySQL on Slashdot

I almost feel like I'm making a career out of bashing MySQL. Make sure to check all the links and read the comments. Especially "Ode to a MySQL Fanboy" :) Seriously, it is probably the most succinct observation ever made.  "Ready for production", and still has the same old foreign key problems.  And creating an index can destroy a table. You'll love the responses from the developer too.

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Finally, Some XML Sanity!

Dare Obasanjo has an article called the XML Litmus Test to determine if XML is appropriate for certain applications. It seems to be an elaboration on a response he made to my earlier rant, although I doubt that was the entire motivation. He demonstrates an INAPPROPRIATE use of XML, which I hope really raises the ire of some of the knee-jerk “XML will cure cancer“ type people out there. :) Although, I have to say his example is one of those esoteric things that most people will never get into anyway, and therefore not particularly relevant to the discussion. It's still a...

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More Slashdot Fun, Alternative DBs, and a Book Plug

OK, the review is kinda lame, but the comments on this Slashdot book review are pretty good, many of them really funny...but oh so true. I won't go into my opinions of MySQL...ooops, too late. And I just found this link for VistaDB, version 2.0 of which was recently released. I haven't heard of it before, anyone try it yet? Gotta admit, some of the praise ("I...cannot stop being thrilled with the speed") sounds pretty corny though. Don't know how it stacks up to REL, but at least it has PROPERLY FUNCTIONING foreign key constraints. Lastly, if you...

posted @ Wednesday, October 20, 2004 11:27 PM | Filed Under [ Coolness ]

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