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Sometimes new, always different, and usually bizarre ways to do things with SQL Server.
Database Mirroring on SQL Server Express Edition

Like most SQL Server users I'm rather frustrated by Microsoft's insistence on making the really cool features only available in Enterprise Edition.  And it really doesn't help that they changed the licensing for SQL 2012 to be core-based, so now it's like 4 times as expensive!  It almost makes you want to go with Oracle.  That, and a desire to have Larry Ellison do things to your orifices. And since they've introduced Availability Groups, and marked database mirroring as deprecated, you'd think they'd make make mirroring available in all editions.  Alas…they don't…officially anyway.  Thanks to my constant poking around in places...

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SQLBits - Unicode Porn

We've just finished up a fantastic event at SQLBits X in London!  If you've never been to SQLBits and you can make it to the UK, I highly recommend it.  If you didn't attend, here's what you missed. Meanwhile, for those who attended the Lightning Talk sessions and were disappointed that I ran out of time, here's the last part that you would have seen: /*    How to Lose Friends and Irritate People...With Unicode!     Rob Volk     SQLBits X - London - March 31, 2012 */ -- some sexy SQL DECLARE @oohbaby TABLE(i INT NOT NULL UNIQUE, uni_char AS NCHAR(i), hex AS CAST(i AS BINARY(2))) INSERT @oohbaby VALUES(664),(1022),(1023),(1120),(1150),(8857),(11609),(42420),(42427) -- change...

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T-SQL Tuesday #025 – CHECK Constraint Tricks

Allen White (blog | twitter), marathoner, SQL Server MVP and presenter, and all-around awesome author is hosting this month's T-SQL Tuesday on sharing SQL Server Tips and Tricks.  And for those of you who have attended my Revenge: The SQL presentation, you know that I have 1 or 2 of them.  You'll also know that I don't recommend using anything I talk about in a production system, and will continue that advice here…although you might be sorely tempted.  Suffice it to say I'm not using these examples myself, but I think they're worth sharing anyway. Some of you have seen or...

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