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The Top 10 questions asked (and answered) at SQL Team.  ALL helpf appreciated, and suggestions on the order of importance...


10.  Where the Hell is Rob

9. Where is Part 2 of More Trees and Hierarchy

8. Why is Graz in a Nun's outfit

7. They have DBAs in Australia?

6. Backup, what's a backup

5. Why is my Tansaction log 30 GB?

4. How do I put the results of dynamic SQL into a variable

3. How do I make An IN statement work with a comma delimeted string

2. How do I search an entire database for a string

1. Where can I find a margarita


OK, there are a lot of better real questions...I'll try and make a list of the ones we that get asked all the time.



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It sure would be nice if the top ten answers were listed or linked along side ;)
6/18/2004 2:32 PM | Lazy


Brett, you left out:

a) I didn't bother to read the FAQ, and I'm ignoring the large print that says this is a SQL Server specific site, but I have this question about Oracle syntax...

b) How do I get records 21-30 to show on my web site?

c) I have an overly complex CURSOR with nested CURSORs and my performance is slow. What's wrong?

d) How much longer until the weekend?

e) Will you do my homework for me?

f) Should I use an IDENTITY field?

g) I'm thinking about getting my MCDBA...

h) What does a Yak have to do with SQL?
6/18/2004 5:48 PM | AjarnMark
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