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September 2004 Blog Posts

Bi-Directional Updates - No Thanks

So who really wins?   Well I guess the answer would be no one (or the last one, or the one who bribes the dba...)   In any case, it was an exercise I alway contemplated, and always thought wasn't really a good idea, but always seems to come up.  I guess I should start a list of PROS and CONS for this type of operation.  Anyway the code was fun, and I hope it helps.  Not rocket science, and I betcha there could be a bunch of problems.  I tried to take in to account if the tables got out of sync or...

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The Official XML Ranting Site

XML RANT EDIT:  1/12/2005 Hey Look!  An Official  He-Man  XML Haters Club Thread  http://www.sqlteam.com/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=44577 Until someone can post some reason why XML in SQL Server is a good thing, I'm starting this Official XML Ranting Post. I will start a list of why I dislike XML in SQL Server.  My Ignorance is unbounded. "Let's take the nice relational model and add to it hierarchical "capabilities" But let's make sure the data is stored in a text column, so they can get it out in chuncks, so they can the use these "tools" to parse it out into relational format, where it can be stored, and...

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