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No cursors please!  DB2 syntax varies from SQL Server. Just because it took me an hour to find it....I wish the syntax would be the same...but they're not  UPDATE ASSESS_AUDIT A1                                            SET FIRST_NAME = (SELECT SUB_FIRST_NAME                                        FROM ORG_TREE O1                                          WHERE A1.EMPL_ID = O1.EMPL_ID)   WHERE FIRST_NAME = ' '                                      AND EXISTS (SELECT * FROM ORG_TREE O2                                  WHERE A1.EMPL_ID = O2.EMPL_ID);           Another example UPDATE SS_FAMILY_TREE_MAP SFTM SET ORG_NAME = ( SELECT SUBSTR(SOR.SS_ORG_NAME,1,25) FROM SS_ORG_REL SOR WHERE SFTM.SS_ORG_CD = SOR.SS_ORG_CD AND SFTM.SS_STRUCTURE_NAME = SOR.STRUCTURE_NAME) WHERE ORG_NAME IS NULL OR ORG_NAME = ' ' ;

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What Happened to my DATA?!?!!?!?!?

What did YOU do!  I lost All MY Work! Sound familiar?  I always love it when they blame the database.  User or Developer, it doesn't matter, you and the database will ALWAYS be the first one to be blamed.  Facts/smacts, they lost their data, and it's all your fault.   BUT! When you hit them square between the eyes that either the manager themself, or and underling destroyed a weeks worth of work....well there's just that great feeling when you see it in their face the time the realization hits home.....knida like when an 80 ton diesel engineer and a VW bug dance...talk about...

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