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How to FTP Files to OS/390

The best way I've found to transfer is to use ftp with a script file.  Now with Cyberfusion being implemented, I unfortunately have to abandon this simple methd for secure file transfers.  The thing that really gets me though, is this company policy being enforced, evenb though everything is interbal and behind a firewall.  And Cyberfusion iis a pain in the neck to setup...and it seems the "Service" company doesn't have a good handle on it...and they have to set up the profiles.  In any case, create a script file like:

open <machine name>

quote site filetype=seq  CYlinders Primary=50 Secondary=100 lrecl=5000 recfm=FB
put W:\data\HRSecDB2\Data\<pc_filename> 'SMF.DSN.'

Then create abatch file so it can be executed from a command prompt, xp_cmdshell...whatever and redirect the output to a log file so you can confirm the transmission.  When I do this from SQL Server, I load the log file table and interogate the transmission and then take appropriate action.

ftp -s:W:\data\HRSecDB2\ftp_HRSecDB2.ftp > W:\data\HRSecDB2\ftp_HRSecDB2.log

There now I have a place I can find this stuff in case my laptop fries again...I hope graz has backups

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