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Collecting Requirements For Key Information

I've been asked to assist (this time BEFORE Project initiation for a change) in the developmennt of a new application.  The Business Liason/Tech group that is doing this has been collecting requirements (basically reviewing an EXCEL Spreadsheet on steriods) and is coming up with a data model.  We will be doing a model review, but I was able to guide them in how to record the information so I can leverage the data to generate the tables.  I've done this several times already, and they are still fine tuning the table defintion.  I then take that document (Excel, again) and...

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What'dya mean I can't TRUNCATE Tables that have RI?

So, we've gotten into the business of sanitizing or scrambling sensitive production data for development environments.  This is, for the most part, was the direction to do this for mainframe flat files.  Now comes along distributed environments, mostly 3rd party vendor applications on sql server.  You should see some of the twisted things these apps do.  Using reserved words as column names, creating tables with the same name but different owners..the list is long. In any case, when we told the people who support this mess that we would need fixed width flat files,  they were.."but...but...we have over 1,000 tables".  Long story short, I...

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SET Versus SELECT (Or, Who Really Cares Anyway)

EDIT:  As Tara points out: Vyas did this test quite some time ago: http://vyaskn.tripod.com/differences_between_set_and_select.htm Either I never read it, or I forgot I read it.  Well hopefully I pulled some different points together differently here than Vyas did, and at the very least, I hope I made my feeling clear about a program that has to loop over 2 million times.  Thanks for the heads up Tara...                                      OK, this always comes up from time to time, and it always seem that people are both sides of the fence. "SET is faster because....", "No, SELECT is faster because".  Well there should be no debate...

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3rd and 45? Drop back and Punt? Nah, Generate INSERTS

EDIT 2007/09/06:  I've modified the sproc to change the dates to be formatted to 121 and stripped out all trailing spaces for char's So, we don't have DBArtisan, but I am very happy for my copy of ERWin.  Don't know what I'd do with out it. So we have some requirements where they want to create insert statements to load a production table.  I said, why not just bcp the data out in native format and create an osql script for the production DBA's to insert the data, or a sproc perhaps. There are many better ways in my opinion, but I do...

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