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Letter to West Orange Chief of Police concerning muggings


Just to supply some background.

The West Orange Ridership Community has heard of several stories going around about the shuttle riders being accosted. They are very concerned about this, especially in the early morning hours. It became even more of an issue when there began a series of unexpected shuttle service outages and people were stranded at the Orange train station.

I did receive a voice mail yesterday from Lt. Brennan (sp?), and I will shortly return that call. Lt. Brennan was asking for the date and time of the event for which I have no answer.

I was merely trying to communicate to the ridership if this was a rumor (which if you read below, it seems less likely), and if it was not, what was being done to protect the riders and what suggestions the police may have for the riders to secure their safety.

We would also like to know if you are aware of the shuttle routes and times, when the shuttle riders are picked up in the morning and what time the shuttles are suppose to meet the trains. If there was a presence along these routes at these times, I'm sure it would go a long way to make the ridership feel more secure.

Thank you for your time.

I will document my Phone call with the Lieutenant on our web log here after I speak with him.


Brett Kaiser

West Orange Ridership Community

(973) 802-2816 (Bus)

(973) 736-2791 (Eve)

P.S. Attention Ridership Community! There is no Shuttle service Thursday and Friday of this week. Also, Route #1 Riders, Maria indicated that she would not be around for the evening runs. I am not sure if they have assigned anyone or not. I will be leaving the office early today, but I will go down and have a look.

Have a Happy Holiday!

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