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Response to Captain Feula, Patrol Commander, W.O. Police Department

Captain Feula,

Thank you for the timeliness of your response. I want to also confirm that I did receive your voicemail yesterday, but had to leave work yesterday afternoon to take care of some personal business.

It is very good to hear that this is an isolated incident that took place many months ago. Thank you for sharing this information. I'm sure the Ridership Community is grateful for this knowledge as well. I am also grateful that this should dissuade any rumors that might spiral out of control. We are very appreciative of the open lines of communication you have provided.

We are also thankful for the increased presence of patrols throughout town. I will relay to you however, that these patrols have not been witnessed by the Ridership community on the Shuttle runs.

The Shuttle runs, routes, and times, are listed here:


That covers the 3 existing routes. I have been informed that the town will beginning another route shortly. I'm not exactly sure of the location of route 4, but I will be happy to let you know when this occurs. If the link does not work, just go to http://www.westorange.org/ and you should be able to easily navigate to the schedules.

Here is some information about the new scheduled route # 4


We are most appreciative of your offer to make yourself available to you and the Rider Community. The Mayor has done likewise. We are currently in the process of collecting Action items that the Ridership Community would like addressed. Once we have done that, we would like to schedule a brief meeting to discuss these issues with yourself and the Mayor. The list can be viewed here:


Thanks again for your time

Brett Kaiser

West Orange Ridership Community and congratulations on Patrol Commander

(973) 802-2816 (Bus)

(973) 736-2791 (Eve)

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