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Thank You Email to the NYC Straphangers


Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your correspondence. It seems it took very little effort to affect change once we formed as a community. While we are small in numbers, I would assume that the majority of the West Orange Ridership Community are also straphangers as well. The Shuttle service is also growing to include other parts of the township. I would imagine it is important for us to keep the momentum that we have built up.

Thanks again, and any of the reports that you have mentioned below would be useful to us if you could forward them to me.

Here is a web log link (it's the best I could do on short notice) that gives the community the ability to voice their concerns, list our issues, and record all communication between the township and the community. The township's original position was that they weren't aware that anything was amiss. They no longer have that option.


Thanks again

Brett Kaiser

West Orange Ridership Community

(973) 802-2816 (Bus)

(973) 736-2791 (Eve)

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