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Flyer for West Orange Ridership Community enrollment

West Orange Ridership Community

The West Orange Ridership Community is a group of concerned citizens who enjoy
the benefits of the West Orange Townships Midtown Direct Jitney Service.  The
Community was formed during a time of service disruptions in November 2005. 
These disruption were not addressed by the Township and it was apparent that there
was a lack of communication between the Township and the third party who was
contracted to run the shuttle service. 

Since it is in our best interest, the communities main goal is to be the conduit for
this communication.  Aside from this main goal, there are several other areas that
we feel need to be addressed.  If you have any ideas and would like to have your
voice heard, or if you would like to be kept abreast of the happenings
with the service, I urge you, as a subscriber of the service, to join the West Orange
Ridership Community today.

Please Google "West Orange Ridership Community" or follow this link:


And click the contact link once you get there.  Please supply your:

   Email Address
   Street Address
   Route # and what time your trip is

Our goal is get 100% Ridership participation in the community.  If you know of any
riders that have not joined, please let them know about the Community.

Thank you for your participation

Brett Kaiser
West Orange Ridership Community

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# The Buses

Has anyone else noticed the jitneys continue to be in sore need of repair and are worse than ever? The bus on route 2 has broken down en route at least once in the past week, and the driver has been a little bit late for pick-up in the morning and evening on several occasions, because of mechanical problems with the buses. What will it take to get these vehicles fixed properly? And somebody tell me again why our taxes went up?
Aside from the condition of the buses, the new service seems to be operating pretty well. The radios and cooperation of the drivers to make sure everyone gets picked up are a great addition to the service. Keep up the good work.
5/8/2006 3:03 PM | Peggy Cope
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