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XML, SQL & DB2 V10

...or I guess it could be any platform.. Webcast/Conf Call on Monday...IBM Rep after 3 hours...I piped in... X002548: "ummm, excuse me, so are you saying that XML database models outperforms the relational model?" IBM: "In what regard?" X002548: "Data access and modifications?" IBM: "......crickets.....ummm no, the relational model is faster..."

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Sidekick? What the hell is a sidekick?

At first I thought it was a Suzuki... http://www.edmunds.com/new/suzuki/index.html?mktcat=makemodel-suzuki&kw=suzuki+sidekick&mktid=ga471651 I was like, Damn they left their suzuki in a taxi...wait, let me read that again..So this is what it is http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0000A0AZC/103-5355719-0187859?v=glance&n=301185 In my opinion, people are going too crazy with these things...don't they know they are becoming automoton slaves? In any event Graz posted this link in the corral.  I'd figure I'd add to the mayhem http://www.evanwashere.com/StolenSidekick/ Another voice of reason http://impulse100.net/StolenSidekick/viewtopic.php?t=47 EDIT: 6/13/2006  Ok, who wouldn't have guessed where this was going “WHAT THE HELL?    So she SOLD our Sidekick...  After we had contacted her.  So either that's why she needed the money, to buy it BACK, or she...

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West Orange Ridership Community

W.O. Shuttle Service Hotline Number: 973-325-4183 Jitney Schedules  Well it looks like this blog entry is being spammed to death in the comments.  I will update the blog section as required, and until I can clean up the hundreds of spam, we will have to leave it as is...funny no other blog entries I have are being affected this way.  Makes you think. A record of Shuttle miscues follow the Updates UPDATE: 10/05/2006  News From the Meeting with the Mayor Yes two riders showed up to meet with the Mayor. David, a former rider from Route 3, (he just received his long awaited parking spot...

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PASS 2005

Now that you're all making me extremely jealous, did anyone think to bring a camera along? I want some pix of the conference and the hotel. Anyone?

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Setting Matters Straight

Wow did I hit a nerve?  In Fair or Fowl I asked what people thought of someone who republishes an article, acts like they made the world a better place with their so called advice, even though a team of people took the time and energy to explain a proper methodology, which was only parroted by said poster.  Who BTW did not even have the courtesy to contribute to that thread. I guess I made headlines with his response in his article Setting Matters Straight.  Well, I guess we can all play.  So let's go ahead, and truly set matters straight. EDIT: 9/30/2004PM ...

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How to post a question for a database

Since, I'm tired of retyping this...If you want to get an answer fast about a database question (doesn't matter the platform) and it's sql related....Do this Please state your problem in the context of a business requirement. Please do not force a narrowly focused technical solution, which may or may not be of any value.  It may also be a distraction to what the actual solution would be. To aid in the solution please do the following if possible1. State the question"How do I find the earliest row entered" 2. Please post the DDL of your tables (Including Indexes, and constraints) Like CREATE...

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SQL Server MVP's

No Kidding...I should have guessed that Bill was one.  There's a boat load of MVPs.  Let's see who we know. OK so 85 ain't a boat load. I know or have spoken with Mr. Bill, Frank Kalis, Adam Machanic (I believe this is our Adam), Brad McGehee, Nigel Rivett, Jasper Smith, Rob Volk (And why isn't his bio there?) Don't know, but I'd like to. Kalen Delaney (Still have to get her internals book), Brian Knight  (I love Brians Books), Valeria Rodriguez Z. (Tell me again why all dba's don't look like this?)  

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Fair or Fowl?

I think I'll have the Chardonay with that. But I don't know what to think when Fabian Pascal makes a reference to SQLTeam http://www.tdan.com/sms_issue31.htm And doesn't reference the responses in that thread http://www.sqlteam.com/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=42060 What would have been fun is if Fabian picked up on the thread where the posted wanted to make sure you could lock out the administrator for a database.  THAT was a fun thread....I have to find that and post it here. But, is it me, or does it seem overly self serving of Fabian?  

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The Official XML Ranting Site

XML RANT EDIT:  1/12/2005 Hey Look!  An Official  He-Man  XML Haters Club Thread  http://www.sqlteam.com/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=44577 Until someone can post some reason why XML in SQL Server is a good thing, I'm starting this Official XML Ranting Post. I will start a list of why I dislike XML in SQL Server.  My Ignorance is unbounded. "Let's take the nice relational model and add to it hierarchical "capabilities" But let's make sure the data is stored in a text column, so they can get it out in chuncks, so they can the use these "tools" to parse it out into relational format, where it can be stored, and...

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Bonnie And Charly And Frances And Ivan And ?

Bonnie and Clyde would have been better.  Who thinks these names up anyway. Sooooooo...I pack the family in the car and drive to Floridaze...I'm there 4 days and bang!  Bonnie comes chugging up the West Coast... Category 1, No problem, no rain, nothing...runs into the panhandle Now here come Chuck.  Same thing.  Chuckie boy stalls however, hangs out, goes to a category 4, makes a right turn....a right turn...never seen that happen before...and cuts straight across the state... Now we're on the east coast...ok...it'll die down by the time it gets here...sure did..to a cat 2...damn 95 mph winds...the most amazing thing I ever...

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I just had to post this... http://www.dbforums.com/t1001863.html And as far as Thanks Go,  It's to SQLTeam... Best G-damn site on the planet Rob, Nigel, Damain, Arthur, Bill, Tara...Damn the list is too long..... Thank you everyone! I need a new Yak Tshirt...my son confiscated my old one... Could you imagine if SQLTeam was a consulting group?    

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Mille Bournes

From a SQLTeam freind, Thanks Duane http://www.sqlteam.com/forums/pop_profile.asp?mode=display&id=9857 QA Needs to be set to text mode and font courier SET NOCOUNT ON DECLARE @InpString VARCHAR(4000)DECLARE @CharCT INTDECLARE @PrevY INTDECLARE @CurrX INTDECLARE @CurrY INTDECLARE @InpRow VARCHAR(4000)DECLARE @RowCT INT SET @RowCT = 1SET @InpString = '04040404080409041004110415041604170418042204230424042504' SET @InpString = @InpString + '030503050405070512051405190521052605'SET @InpString = @InpString + '030603060406070612061406190621062606'SET @InpString = @InpString + '020702070407070712071407190721072607'SET @InpString = @InpString + '020802080408070812081408190821082608'SET @InpString = @InpString + '010901090409070912091409190921092609'SET @InpString = @InpString + '011001100410071012101410191021102610'SET @InpString = @InpString + '0011001101110211031104110511071112111411191121112611'SET @InpString = @InpString + '04120412071212121412191221122612'SET @InpString = @InpString + '04130413081309131013111315131613171318132213231324132513' CREATE TABLE #Stuff(X INT, Y INT)CREATE TABLE #BK(BID INT, B VARCHAR(4000)) SET @CharCT = 1 WHILE @CharCT < LEN(@InpString)BEGININSERT...

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Come on Weekend!

CREATE FUNCTION Weekend (@Date Datetime)RETURNS datetimeASBEGINDECLARE @Weekend datetime IF (SELECT 6-DATEPART(dw,@Date)) < 0  BEGIN SELECT @Weekend =    CONVERT(datetime , CONVERT(varchar(10) , (DATEADD(dd , 13-DATEPART(dw,@Date) , @date)), 120) + ' 17:00:00')  END ELSE  BEGIN--Handles Friday itselfIF (SELECT 6-DATEPART(dw,@Date)) = 0  BEGIN  --for after 1700 but before midnight    IF (SELECT DATEDIFF(ss, @date  , CONVERT(datetime, CONVERT(varchar(10)  , @Date, 120)) + ' 17:00:00')) < 0  BEGIN  SELECT @Weekend = CONVERT(datetime   , CONVERT(varchar(10)   , (DATEADD(dd, 13-DATEPART(dw,@Date)   , @date)), 120) + ' 17:00:00')  END ELSE   --for before 1700 on Friday  BEGIN  SELECT @Weekend = CONVERT(datetime  , CONVERT(varchar(10), @Date, 120) + ' 17:00:00')  END END ELSE  --Handles days before Friday BEGIN SELECT @Weekend = CONVERT(datetime  , CONVERT(varchar(10)  , (DATEADD(dd, 6-DATEPART(dw,@Date)  , @Date)), 120) + ' 17:00:00') ENDENDReturn @WeekendENDGO SELECT DATEDIFF(mi, getdate(), dbo.Weekend(GetDate()))/60.00 As Hours_till_Margarittaville   Special thanks...

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Customers! Not to mention IT Staff!

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Important stuff First!

OK, How did Rob Alter his BLOG..very cool...right now I'm counting lines of code... Why? Because...someone hired Deloitte and Touche..   Anyway..back to the important things in life:   The Perfect Margarita 1) Fill shaker with broken cubed ice 2) Squeeze 2 fresh lime wedges into shaker 3) Add 2 oz. of Margaritaville Tequila Oro 4) Add 1/2 oz. Margaritaville Tequila Blanco (for bite if you wish) 5) Add 1 1/4 oz. of Roses Lime Juice 6) Add 1/2 oz. of Bols Triple Sec 7) Add a splash of Bols Orange Curacao 8) Cover shaker & shake vigorously 9) Rim glass with lime...

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Hey, my first BLOG. Hope I can post some interesting and useful stuff here. Let's see...where is that Margarita recipe...

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