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XML, SQL & DB2 V10

…or I guess it could be any platform.. Webcast/Conf Call on Monday…IBM Rep after 3 hours…I piped in… X002548: "ummm, excuse me, so are you saying that XML database models outperforms the relational model? Read more →

DB2 OS/390 Database COPY and RESTORE

Hey there!!!!! In the SQL Server world, if you want to create a database on a same server instance, from an existing database, all you have to do is something like: RESTORE DATABASE <db_name>FROM DISK = '\<file path>&lt;file name>'WITH MOVE '<logical data file name>_data' TO '\<file path>&lt;file name>. Read more →

sp_depends for DB2

Well, there really isn't anything that I know of that is like sp_depends for DB2 z/OS Version 7.2. Hopefully V8 will alot more features...but for Now you have to interogate the catalog. Read more →

How to FTP Files to OS/390

The best way I've found to transfer is to use ftp with a script file. Now with Cyberfusion being implemented, I unfortunately have to abandon this simple methd for secure file transfers. Read more →


Well there isn't one. If you read this post and your platform is SQL Server or Oracle, I hope you feel very fortunate that you have TRUNCATE TABLE <tablename>. It appears that in version 8, there is a callable procedure that is supplied by IBM, but it cannot be executed as a standard SQL command. Read more →


No cursors please! DB2 syntax varies from SQL Server. Just because it took me an hour to find it....I wish the syntax would be the same...but they're not  UPDATE ASSESS_AUDIT A1  SET FIRST_NAME = (SELECT SUB_FIRST_NAME  FROM ORG_TREE O1  WHERE A1. Read more →

Calculate the most effecient Storage size based on the catalog

The Following code is used to identify reccomended allocations, whether it be in Cylinders or tracks, and how much to allocate for a tablespace.  SELECT NAME  , NACTIVE*PGSIZE AS KILOBYTES  , PGSIZE AS PAGE_SIZE  , NACTIVE AS PAGES  , DECIMAL((NACTIVE/12. Read more →