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Today sucked.

Here's one reason why.

The other reason is that it turns out that one half of our cluster is apparently cursed. I'm not kidding. Seriously. The boxes are identically spec'd and installed (although I didn't do the install, so who knows). If we run on Server 1, we run about 1/2 the speed and capacity of Server 2. So at some point this weekend probably I'll go in and rebuild Server 1. Exactly how I wanted to spend my weekend.

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# re: Today sucked.

I can hear ya. Today SUCKS for me too. I have to re-build two machines, .NET 1 is behaving funny working side by side with 1.1 (yes, I upgraded with caution, care and tender), I almost had a scary car accident in the morning, I lost a prospect investor who was ready to put his bucks in the new venture, and my dietition got angry at me because I put extra wait instead of loosing :)

Exactly how I wanted to end my week!
10/2/2003 9:19 AM | Mazen Alzogbi

# How to reinstall a cluster node

10/2/2003 6:59 PM | syscomments

# re: Today sucked.


I can't go to karate today! Even though I wan to.

I can only go on Mon and Sat but those are my worst days.

6/9/2006 3:39 PM | None
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