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If you ever needed more evidence that Microsoft is a big company and often any two given people who should talk to each other don't, here you go. DBCC DBREINDEX and DBCC INDEXDEFRAG do very similar jobs, and should take an identical set of input parameters. DBREINDEX takes at a minimum a table name, and it will reindex the table. INDEXDEFRAG, however, takes a minimum of 3 parameters: Database name, Table Name and Index name (specified as DBCC INDEXDEFRAG ('MyDB', 'MyTable', 'MyIndex')). It is neccessary to pass all three. Why? I've got to write...

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Any Mac users out there?

Yeah, didn't know if there were or not. If you're a mac user, and you're on OS X trying to work with Windows servers, RUN don't walk to your nearest Apple reseller and acquire Panther. The SMB stuff is so much better I'm just stunned. File copies are faster, drive mounts are faster, you get an automatic prompt-to-dismount if you detach from a network without dropping all of your attached network drives (which is way better than Jaguar, which would just lock up your Finder). Oh, and why do I, a SQL Server DBA, use a Mac? Let's...

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Error: 3624, Severity: 20, State: 1

This is a nasty error. It's an assertion (SQL Server Assertion: File: , line=1378 Failed Assertion = 'm_offBeginVar < m_SizeRec'.). If you do a search on Google, it looks like it's a really odd data corruption problem. So I took the query in question (a really long, drawn out select statement from a web page. Don't ask me why it wasn't in a stored proc) and ran it in Query Analyzer. QA ran the query fine. Same results as what the web page should have displayed. If this was genuinely a data corruption problem,...

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LemmingToo's top X Changes to SQL Server

LemmingToo and I just had lunch, and discussed some changes we'd like to see in SQL Server. 1. Correlated Aggregation. If I have a table with a primary key called PK, a Zip Code called Zip, and the number of days associated with that zip code called ServiceDays, I want to be able to pull back an aggregated list of zip codes and the maximum service days for each, and the PK's that include the Zip/Serviceday combination I'm looking for. This requires 2 queries (ok, you can do it in one with a derived table, but as far...

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Error 17883

Here's one you hope you never see. "The Scheduler 0 appears to be hung". On SQL Server 2000, there's no fix, and there's not much you can do about it. My favorite part is that it logs the SPID involved (SPID 63 in my case) but it doesn't log what the SPID was doing. Given that my server was locked up so tight I couldn't even get in locally using command-line ISQL, I have no idea what caused the problem. Excellent diagnostic help there!

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How to reinstall a cluster node

OK, so I got to doing a reinstall on our cursed cluster node. Well, I started with research. Good thing too. Turns out in order to reinstall a cluster node, you have to uninstall replication. I didn't install replication in the first place, the previous DBA did. Of course, we aren't using replication....but that's a whole other post. At any rate, I wasn't in the mood to take everything down to improve our uptime (heh), especially when we're moving real soon now.

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Been messing around with the blogging interface a bit. Hopefully graz'll get around to reporting these. First, when I use my preferred browser, and I hit backspace in one of the forms, the browser crashes. Oh, and the URL change was nice too :).

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