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How to reinstall a cluster node

OK, so I got to doing a reinstall on our cursed cluster node. Well, I started with research. Good thing too. Turns out in order to reinstall a cluster node, you have to uninstall replication. I didn't install replication in the first place, the previous DBA did. Of course, we aren't using replication....but that's a whole other post. At any rate, I wasn't in the mood to take everything down to improve our uptime (heh), especially when we're moving real soon now.

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# re: How to reinstall a cluster node

You are probably aware of this but we had a real probpem when we lost one node on the active active cluster. Trying to install service packs and hot fixes. We were supposed to intall the old versions on both nodes (in effect downgrading the remaining node.) We could never get an answer from Microsoft so we upgraded to SP3 instead. What a mess.
10/2/2003 10:41 PM | Lance Harra
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