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Any Mac users out there?

Yeah, didn't know if there were or not.

If you're a mac user, and you're on OS X trying to work with Windows servers, RUN don't walk to your nearest Apple reseller and acquire Panther. The SMB stuff is so much better I'm just stunned. File copies are faster, drive mounts are faster, you get an automatic prompt-to-dismount if you detach from a network without dropping all of your attached network drives (which is way better than Jaguar, which would just lock up your Finder).

Oh, and why do I, a SQL Server DBA, use a Mac? Let's see, I've got Remote Desktop Connection, so I can work on my servers. I've got Office, so I can do stupid Word and Excel tricks. That's about all I need to get my day-to-day job done. I've got Virtual PC, which I typically only use for Query Analyzer (I keep meaning to write a QA clone for OS X. It'd be very ironic to do it in .Net). The biggest advantage is that I'm running a different operating system than my servers. How's that an advantage? I can be assured that if my servers go down with some fancy-schmancy new virus that my laptop won't get the same virus, so I'll at least have ONE computer that works. It helps that my laptop has a CD-Burner and I've got images of just about every CD I need to rebuild a server.

Plus, I do some DB/2 UDB on Linux/Unix, and if you've ever spent any time trying to get sound to work on a laptop with Linux, well, you know why I want to NOT do that. Plus I get Perl, ready to go, which is the ultimate language for dealing with big text files.

I've got a big anti-Dell rant that I'm working up. Should be ready in a couple days. Here's a preview: The only "technology" company with less of a claim to the title of "innovator" than Microsoft is Dell.

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