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November 2003 Blog Posts

Be careful with excel data import

Stupid stupid stupid excel. It always looks like it imports data right. It tries really hard to guess at how to import data and convert it. And then it runs into data like this: "00920" Which, for some stupid reason, despite the quotes, it interprets as a number. Which it isn't. It's a zip code. In Puerto Rico. Which if you then copy-paste into SQL Server via Access linked tables (yeah, in a minute) you end up with 920 in the zip field. And if you a do a BETWEEN operator with that, you'll end...

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The WORST error message I've seen in a while

Server: Msg 17, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 SQL Server does not exist or access denied. OK, let's analyze this on a few levels. At an existential level, if SQL Server doesn't exist, then what is it that I do again? I thought I was a SQL Server DBA, but if SQL Server doesn't exist, then I'm having a bit of an existential quandry. Seriously, could you come up with a less clear way to word that? What, specifically, doesn't exist? Does the software product not exist, as the error message states? Does the particular server...

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Event logging

One of these days, someone will explain to me why when Terminal Server can't configure a printer, it shows up in the Windows Event Log as an error, but SCSI Parity errors on the system disk are just warnings.

posted @ Tuesday, November 11, 2003 2:35 PM | Feedback (1) |

Security Request

OK, anybody have any idea why I can't say that certain users are only allowed to log into my server from specific workstations? I'd really love to say that my web login (the logn my web site logs in with) can only log in from my web servers, and if any of my developers tried to use it they'd either get an error message or be electrocuted (preferably at random). I mean, come on, even a hosts.allow or hosts.deny set of files would be an easy to manage cheap to implement security layer. Otherwise, I've got...

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Server Hardware

Let's talk about hardware for a few minutes. My previous employer exclusively used Compaq, now HP, server hardware. It was great. It was exceptionally reliable, easy to know what you needed when you want to buy new stuff, the dealers we worked with were knowledgeable and helpful, and really consulted with us to purchase hardware, and had the goods to give us great pricing (we bought a LOT of hardware). Their leasing folks were top-notch. Their warranty service was completely spot-on, perfect. When we had a string of problems (3 failures in 3 months) with...

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