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December 2003 Blog Posts

Dell and EMC. They deserve each other.

Got a brand new pair of Dell/EMC CX200 disk arrays. A total setup fiasco. OK, a little background here. How to hook up an HP/Compaq fibre channel disk array: Install the FC cards (called Host Bus Adapters, or HBA's). Install the HBA drivers. Plug the array into power, then plug the array into the server. Use Compaq's software to configure RAID, then format the array with the Disk Management snap-in and you're all done. The Dell/EMC CX 200 initialization instructions are 50 pages long, and involve a null modem cable, an ethernet crossover cable,...

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Things that work and things that don't.

Did a little side job this weekend. Microsoft SBS has some very nifty features. It sets up quick and the wizard-like interface to configure stuff works amazingly well. Once we get SharePoint running (it's giving us permissions errors everywhere) I'm sure it'll be great. The server manager thingy works really well. It has this nifty capability to move Windows 2000/XP machines into a new domain and everything. Don't do it. It claims to carry over all of the profile stuff, which it does, but it DELETES the My Documents folder for the user. Oops. ...

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