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January 2004 Blog Posts


I'm trying to store encrypted credit card data in my database. I need to get some of these notes down just in case. Some basic concepts: Digest Authentication is a process that takes a body of text and turns it into a number. The number, referred to as a hash, cannot be turned back into the text, but the text will always return the same number when run through the digest authentication algorithm. This is basically a type of one-way encryption, and it's typically used for authenticating users with passwords: The password you type in is turned into...

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Blogging and the holidays

After getting the new cluster up and online, and sticking around a day or two to make sure it was working, I took a week and a half off for the holidays and relaxed, which may tend to explain the even-lighter-than-usual blogging. Note to everyone who works with rack-mounted hardware: There is a very real difference between a number two and a number three philips head screw. Using a number two screwdriver on a number three head will nearly always strip the number three head. You have been warned. I had to creatively bust a screw head...

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