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October 2004 Blog Posts

More MOM "goodness"

OK, would it kill them to put some "test" buttons in the application? As previously mentioned, it doesn't have a test button to test notification emails. Which means you can't be sure if an email is actually going to go until an error occurs. It also doesn't have a test button to test responses. So if you write custom code to fix a problem, there's no way to see if the program actually executes. This would be less of a problem if their setup box for custom actions didn't SUCK as bad as it does. It has...

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Microsoft Operations Manager Setup

Gah. I spent all day yesterday trying to get MOM to send email. I set up test rules to watch my local install of SQL Server, and fired over 50 messages into my event log with RAISERROR (by the way, what's with the parenthesis on that command anyway?) and didn't get any emails back. I tweaked the detection rules all day long, thinking I'd screwed something up. It was firing the alerts, but it wasn't doing ANY of the notifications. Then I went to google and searched, and found this. A brief history. SMTP originally had...

posted @ Thursday, October 14, 2004 10:36 AM | Feedback (9) |

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