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More MOM "goodness"

OK, would it kill them to put some "test" buttons in the application?

As previously mentioned, it doesn't have a test button to test notification emails. Which means you can't be sure if an email is actually going to go until an error occurs.

It also doesn't have a test button to test responses. So if you write custom code to fix a problem, there's no way to see if the program actually executes. This would be less of a problem if their setup box for custom actions didn't SUCK as bad as it does. It has two text boxes, labeled "Application" and "Command Line". My first assumption was that the "Application" box should be filled in with the name of the application, and the "Command Line" box should be filled in with the text I'd use at a command line to start the application. Nope, the boxes are labeled wrong. They should be labled "Program Path" and "Arguments". That first box (labled "Application") is actually the filepath to the executable program, and "command line" is the arguments. Try to do it any other way and you'll get less-than-desirable results.

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