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Database Corruption and Comment Spam

Had a really nasty problem today: Attempt to fetch logical page (1:181882) in database 'prodNextGen' belongs to object '893596208', not to object 'AssignmentOwner'. The only time I'd seen that before was when a server had lost power mid-write. Fortunately, it appears to be an isolated-to-one-table problem, and since the server didn't lose power it's probably a bug in SQL Server. But I'm not reporting it to PSS because it happened on my production server, and I don't have time to deal with PSS, and I think we caught it before it went into a backup. I had a minute and a half of downtime to put the server into single-user mode and run dbcc checktable on it with the "allow_data_loss" flag. The name of that flag just makes me all twitchy. Also, there's been a lot of comment spam over the last few days. I'm killing it as soon as I see it. rs.

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# re: Database Corruption and Comment Spam

We just had the same error last week. We were lucky because in our case it was a transient type of error. That's the better case when corruption only occurs in memory but does not get written to the disk so DBCC CHECKDB finds no errors to fix. For more details about this issue you can read the "Error 605" article in BOL.
11/3/2004 10:42 PM | Roman Rehak
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