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August 2005 Blog Posts

Quick Mozilla Firefox question

I use Firefox as my primary web browser on Windows. I have problems on my work computer (not on my gaming computer, or my server, just my work computer) (yes, I have it installed on all three) with the Copy functionality not working. Yup, that's right, hitting Ctrl-C doesn't work sometimes to copy, either from stuff I'm typing in or from the address bar. Just happens in Firefox, other applications are fine. Anybody else with this problem or is it just time for me to reinstall my work computer's OS?

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Mac OS X 10.4, the Intel switch

Anyone who has seen me present knows I'm a Mac user. I carry around a Powerbook nearly everywhere I go. I'll spare you the details of how and why I started with my Powerbook. Mac OS X 10.4 is a great upgrade. It's managed to make my system perform better without adding new hardware, which is a good thing. It's got a full-text index, a Longhorn..err...Vista "innovation" that Apple will have been shipping product with for 18 months by the time Vista ships. Dashboard is flashy, spiffy, and useful for doing the things you'd usually do by...

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Windows XP x64

A few rants, as you'd probably expect. I got a new computer yesterday, a nice spiffy Shuttle XPC for an Athlon64. I also acquired Windows XP x64 to try it out. Now, the applications that I use on my PC are pretty limited (World of Warcraft, Mozilla Firefox, Halflife 2, etc) and all 32-bit for now, but hey, I want this PC to not suck for awhile, so I bought some nice stuff. I got 2 GB of RAM, and I had 2 10K RPM Raptor Seral ATA (SATA) drives. I've had the drives in my...

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