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February 2007 Blog Posts

Data Structures I'd Like to See

I want to see a structure that I can resolve the following for without using a table scan: Find me all of the appointments that Amy, Bob, Charlie and Dyan have been in that have ever occurred on Wednesdays in July, August, or September between 8 AM and 3 PM between 1/1/2003 and 12/31/2006. Find a solution that's a better order than O/2, where O is the table size. The key to the problem is how we're storing dates, and the fact that without doing something crazy with a star schema kind of model it's going to be very difficult to get this...

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So, this Whole Vista Thing

Anybody upgraded yet? For gamers, I've only seen very very disappointed reviews about frame rate performance, apparently because hardware vendors weren't quite ready yet, especially for NVidia cards. Belkin Nostromo drivers appear to be available if you email their tech support folks.  They are very slow getting drivers out but their support staff is actually pretty quick. I've got a machine I've given up on getting Linux to work on, so I'm going to try and snag a copy of Vista Basic or XP Home for, just wanted to see opinions.

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Reboot NOW

So, occasionally I get a problem where I need to reboot my workstation.  It's infrequent, usually I only have to do it every couple of days, but the system starts to run slower and slower and...well, time to reboot.  I needed a new cup of coffee anyway. Get back from the break room with my coffee and my computer hasn't rebooted.  A dialog box tells me that it couldn't reboot because a program needed my attention. The attention was required acrobat reader, which I didn't have open and didn't have a taskbar entry for, and the particular attention required was to hit...

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