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Reboot NOW

So, occasionally I get a problem where I need to reboot my workstation.  It's infrequent, usually I only have to do it every couple of days, but the system starts to run slower and slower and...well, time to reboot.  I needed a new cup of coffee anyway.

Get back from the break room with my coffee and my computer hasn't rebooted.  A dialog box tells me that it couldn't reboot because a program needed my attention.

The attention was required acrobat reader, which I didn't have open and didn't have a taskbar entry for, and the particular attention required was to hit OK to acknowledge that acrobat reader had crashed.

So, two issues here.

One: When I say reboot, I mean REBOOT.  I mean "I'm going to go away now, and when I come back I want to see a login screen".  I don't mean "I'm going to walk away now, and when I get back I want to see an unlocked workstation asking me to click OK when there's no other option BUT to click OK."

Two: I uninstalled Acrobat Reader.  Adobe can bite me.  Acrobat Reader has all of the bloat of Microsoft Office, and none of the QA.  It nags.  No, I don't have your photo management software installed, why do I need to update it?  Why do I need to update Acrobat Reader?  Is it not reading things correctly?  Why does it insist on asking me EVERY TIME I OPEN A PDF if I want to install photo management software.  NO I DON'T.  GO AWAY AND LET ME LOOK AT THE DOCUMENT.  And now, apparently, even if you close it, it stays in memory, and eventually crashes.

Uninstalled all adobe software from my workstation.

So how do I deal with PDF's now?

Free.  2MB download.  Installs in 5 seconds.  Free.  Small.  Reliable.  Not a browser plugin, so guess what: It's FAST.  It's also a very small executable, so it loads fast.  It actually WORKS and stuff.

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# re: Reboot NOW

For the former issue, if you want to reboot for certain, you might want to run shutdown.exe with /f option. It kills all unresponsive application and reboot Windows with /r option.
2/17/2007 7:57 AM | Dye Suzuki
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