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July 2007 Blog Posts

Show Execution Plan

Examining execution plans is the key to improving query performance.  The knowledge and experience necessary to look at a query plan and say "yeah, that's where it screwed up" and fix it makes all the difference in the world.  I'd submit that query plans are one of the single biggest tools in a DBA's toolbox for fixing performance problems. So why does the UI suck so bad? I just pulled up a query plan for a fairly complex query.  I can't find the problem.  Why?  Well, across the several hundred steps, I can't see anything that's not taking 0% of the query...

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The SQL Server 2005 Tools

I still hate them. But not as much as I did.  With a massive computer upgrade they're now performing tolerably.  Not great, but tolerably.  They use something like 118 mb of RAM and take forever to load, but not as long a forever as it used to be.  I still think there should be a quick to load lightweight easy to use query tool.  I just want something to pull up a query window with load/save file options and a quick link in a menu to books online. The inconsistency of the UI still amazes me.  So let's see...if I double-click a...

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