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January 2008 Blog Posts

Smartest guy in video games

The smartest guy in video games just did something absolutely incredible. Steam is really good stuff.  Steam encapsulates many of infrastructure needs of a gaming company.  Software distribution, advertising, pre-sales, sales, post-sales, special sales, credit card payment, subscription sales, on-line matching, cheat prevention, ranking systems for online matching.  Gabe Newell, the guy who runs Valve, is a genius at this stuff.  He's brought us some of the best games ever (Half-Life, Counter Strike, Portal, Team Fortress 2).  But this may go down as the biggest thing ever. OK, here's what he's doing.  He's built all that infrastructure, and he's giving it to...

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What I'd Like to See in the Next Windows

I was reading an article on Slashdot (here) about a piece of software that creates a customized Windows Vista installation.  Nothing new there, Windows has had functionality to create custom unattended installations for a long time. This particular package, however, is built to make Vista smaller.  I've never actually installed Vista.  I read reviews, talked to people and decided it wasn't ready for me. Normally I'd try it out and see for myself, but none of the reviews I read suggested that it was worth the fairly substantial investment required.  So I didn't realize that the installation requires 15GB of...

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DTS, VBA and the Future

As part of today's MacWorld festivities, I was reminded of something.  Office:Mac 2008 doesn't support VBA anymore, and VBA support for the next version of Office for Windows is supposed to be limited to the ability to upgrade scripts to whatever new thing Microsoft has to replace VBA.  This is in addition to the issue I ran into a few weeks ago, where I was upgrading a system from SQL Server 2005 Standard to SQL Server 2005 Standard x64.  DTS doesn't work on the x64 edition.  Well, it's not supported.  I got it to work, mostly, but it's not supposed...

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