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October 2008 Blog Posts

SQL Management Studio 2008

Wow, it actually does suck 85% less than SQL Server Management Studio 2005. When I look up online help, it takes 1 second to start instead of 20. When I type "Backup Database" in the Look For box it returns me syntax help for (get this) Backup Database for SQL Server, instead of an article about which backup strategies to use for SQL Server Mobile Edition. The Workbench itself opens and closes in a reasonable amount of time.  That in itself is a huge improvement over the old one. The editing features worked,and they didn't really screw them up any. Very nicely done.

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Net Start....

The Net Start command, with no service argument, will show you the services currently running on a server.  Basically, it gives you a list of all of the services available to stop. However, the Net Stop command, with no service argument, just gives you syntax help.  Shouldn't it give you the list of services in manual or automatic state that are currently not running?

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