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November 2008 Blog Posts

Windows Media Player vs iTunes

So Graz has this ongoing vendetta against iTunes, mostly because the interface doesn't follow Windows guidelines. And I just got Microsoft Office OCS here at work.  And if I use Windows Media Player (WMP) then it'll auto-pause music when I get a phone call.  So I decided to try out WMP.  After all, it's made by the BIGGEST SOFTWARE COMPANY IN THE WORLD and a media player is a fairly simple thing, what could possibly go wrong? Ok, doesn' t support drag-n-drop. Well, it does, and it'll give me the little + of "valid to drop things here" when you drag...

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The great sp_ mystery....

I saw Mark's post earlier bringing up how you're not supposed to use sp_ as the start of a stored procedure name.... Here's *why* it does that. Go to any user database (NOT MASTER)  you have and put in a proc like this: create proc sp_addlogin as begin     select 'hah, PWND!' end go And then try to run it. You get an error message back: Msg 201, Level 16, State 4, Procedure sp_addlogin, Line 0 Procedure or function 'sp_addlogin' expects parameter '@loginame', which was not supplied. Which is a good thing.  Notice that it's running the sp_addlogin in *master* and not the one in your local user database.  The interesting...

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Hyperbac anyone?

Does anyone have anything *bad* to say about Hyperbac? I've searched google, blown through every article there, blog entries, and everything.  I can't find a single bad thing about the product. Hell, Lance likes it.  And I haven't ever seen Lance like any technology more advanced than bacon. "Wheels suck.  They square off, don't roll uphill on their own!  I saw one roll backwards down a hill and over some guy's toe once.  This is crap!" Seriously. "Fire's kinda OK, but I watched some guy get burned real bad once.  I think I'll stay away from that." And then Hyperbac: "I've been testing that for over a...

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Changing your SA Account

I just went through an exercise to change the name of my SA login.  I renamed it to something confidential, set it with a strong password, and then created a new login called 'sa' with the same password as the old SA.  "Hey, why don't you just disable it?" Well, seems that the ISV that is using this particular server hardcoded SA into their application.  If you're a manager, this is why you get a DBA involved in acquisition of these kinds of systems. Believe it or not, that's not the dumbest thing this ISV's done... "Well, why don't you just put...

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Netezza and OLE DB

This all applies to SQL Server 2008 btw. You may run into a whole bunch of problems trying to get OLE DB drivers to work with a Netezza NPS for the purposes of linked servers.  I'm going to run through my morning's work here to save you some trouble down the line, because it's (as all OLE DB and ODBC interactions are) poorly documented, badly worded, and doesn't configure properly on its own. I'm about to say some things that look *extremely* critical of Netezza's support website.  Netezza as a company has a really great, well designed and well engineered product that...

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