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February 2009 Blog Posts

Hyperbac Followup

This is, specifically, a followup to Been using the software for 2 months, and it works very well.  I have one issue on one server (a development box) that their support team is aware of and has been very helpful with tracking down.  Otherwise, it works, it works well, and I can throw a simple little executable at my ISV's when they need database backups to diagnose problems. It works well, it's simple, and it's reliable.  It hasn't failed, and hasn't glitched (OK, except for the dev box, but *everything* glitches on dev boxes).

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My, isn't *THAT* intuitive.

I still have a SQL Server 2000 server. Don't blame me, blame my ISV.  The upgrade to their software to support SQL Server 2005 is coming out in August.  Of 2006. Anyway.  I still have to support this thing.  And it's a fairly large database, with some sensitive information in it.  And we have on call developers who need to support some of the jobs running.  They needed access to be able to view jobs and job history.  So I went in and added them to the SQLAgentOperator role...oh uh...wait.  There isn't one in SQL Server 2000.  So I gave the developers...

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SQL 2005 and Deadlocks

So I've got a deadlock issue I'm having trouble tracking down. I have the deadlock tracking trace flag turned on, and this is the part I'm having trouble with: KEY: 5:72057594325499904 From everything I've found, the layout of that item is supposed to be: KEY:  [Db_ID]:[Object_ID]:[Index_ID] That 7205... number is way too large to be an object_id (those are all type int, and that number is a bigint).  Any idea what's going on? Oh, and the line number part of the deadlock message leads me to believe the deadlock is happening in a comment.  It says line 9, there's 20 lines of comment block at the...

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