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December 2010 Blog Posts

Quickie Post Describing Things I Want To Post

First, I owe our proprietor here a review of Ignite Free or whatever from Confio.  Here's the quick review: It's like liquid awesome poured into a coffee cup, ready to drink.  Took 5 minutes to set up, 5 minutes to realize "holy crap I need to get this pointed at production NOW!".  5 minutes to ascertain the server load caused by monitoring (almost none).  1 minute to get it pointed to production, and then 5 minutes to start finding and fixing horrible queries.  The biggest part of a performance tuning task is finding out what's slow.  This tool DOES THAT...

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MERGE, the degenerate case

Looking on teh interwebs for some example of how to write a very simple MERGE statement.  I haven't done much with MERGE.  I want to update one column, one row, from a variable.  If the row exists, update, if the row doesn't exist, insert it.  This is, in my mind, the bread-and-butter MERGE.  What MERGE was written to do.  Yeah, it'll do a ton more than that, but the very simplest case, the degenerate case, would be something stupidly simple.  There are a bunch of really simple people on teh interwebs, I'll ask Mr Google how to do this.  I'm...

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