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Monumentally Stupid things you can do to hang an ASP.NET application 101

Steps to reproduce Link in and call a .DLL from an ASP.NET application. Not notice the debug code (* See appendix a) you left in there 2 weeks ago while you were experimenting with something. Recompile and run Wonder why your webserver has stopped running. Appendix a : Console.Readline(); Recommendations I think the ASP.NET team need to implement MicroElves (TM) to run around inside my PC to press the enter key when I do dumb stuff like this. Or I could look more carefully when I pick up 3 week old experimental code and start working on it again :)

posted @ Thursday, November 27, 2003 7:52 PM | Feedback (2) RSS Goodness just went public about some new toys we have been playing with over the last few weeks. The first is... The Article RSS feed. Get it at The other one is the "Elsewhere Page" (for want of a better name). This is a regularly updated page with links to what is going on around the SQL Server community. Get your SQL Server and Yukon news hot off the press!

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The case for stored procedures in ASP.NET

Rob Howard lays the smack down on anyone not using stored procedures for data access in their ASP.NET applications. Keep this link handy for the next time someone brings up the "but I want to be database independant" argument.

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This article brought to you by....

I just published a new article on SQLTeam titled "Using the PARSENAME function to split delimited data". I've already had a few comments from people about the code coloring in the article. Not being one to shy away from plugging utilities and tools that I think rock, I thought I'd let everyone in on the trick. I use SciTE. SciTE is a lightweight text editor for Windows and Linux. It's small and fast and has pretty much become a notepad replacement for me ( although compiler integration makes it some peoples primary code editor). One of it's really cool features is...

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EQL : Emotional Query Language

Server: Msg 2812123, Level 12, State 123, Line 1 You forgot the magic word 'PLEASE'. Nice.

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TPC Benchmarks

News just in that HP have topped the TPC transaction benchmark with an Oracle database. Anyone have a spare TERRABYTE or RAM they can lend me ?

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