Saturday, January 24, 2004 #

Google service once again ruined by bloggers

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Google has come under fire over the past year for allowing it's prized search results to become "polluted" by weblogs and webloggers. The latest venture by the search giant, a "social networking" site named Orkut looks like suffering the same fate. "The site started nicely, we had a great natural progression but we have become overrun by bloggers who can't keep secrets" said an Orkut insider who declined to be named. "Someone invited a character named Scoble or something and it's all gone to hell in a handbasket" he says.

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New MVP and RD announcements

It's the time of year that Microsoft start announcing the new MVPs. The big news around here is that Graz is finally an MVP. Graz started and built SQLTeam back in 2000 and the site and forums have helped out thousands of SQL Server developers since then, as well as becoming a second home for a bunch of us.

The other bit of news I just heard is that a friend of mine, Benjamin Mitchell has been named a Regional Director in the U.K. Benjamin and I worked together at a company during the dying days of the dotcom era in Sydney. He is based in London now and doing all sorts of good things with Web Services and other fun.

Congrats Graz and Benjamin!

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