SQL Server Tips at

This is possibly old news, but I just noticed some SQL Server administration and development Tips and Tricks at the Microsoft SQL Server site. Worth checking out.

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Specifying SQL Server port numbers in .NET

An interesting post from Chris Stewart about using a non-standard port for SQL Server and using .NET to talk to it. .NET requires that you specify the port number with a comma, not the usual (and standard) colon.

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Who woulda thought DOS was still useful

I'm working on a project at the moment where I find myself deploying large blocks of code from my laptop to a dev server or the live server on a fairly regular basis. Keeping code in sync was becomming a bit of an issue, I needed a good way to deploy a whole bunch of stored procs from my dev machine to a staging server. I just found out about a small app that does this, which I will review here soon, but the method I've been using is an ultra simple, Unix inspired way of doing things : 1. Drop...

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Fun with the SPACE function

I'm doing a little bit of ASP maintainance work for the company I'm contracting with at the moment. I had a small task to indent items in a drop down select list in line with their level in a hierarchy tree. Nothing difficult there except that the page used a generic function to draw select lists. The last thing I want to do is reimplent it for this one off case so I decided to do it in SQL. T-SQL Has a function "SPACE(i)" which returns a number of whitespace characters. Once you have that you can replace it with...

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