Yukon - Is the DBMS still there?

Just about every article and blog being written on Yukon is about XML or the CLR integration.
If you didn't know better, you would swear that Yukon is just a .NET factory consuming managed chunks of code and spitting out XML.

Fair dinkum that is so disturbing. What about the DBMS itself? The database mirroring, the TSQL extensions, backups, clustering, replication, online indexing and constraint support? You know, the stuff that DBMS's do...

I have seen and read a few articles, but overwhelmingly it is the XML and CLR stuff. I really hope that this is not a direct reflection of the amount of time the SQL Server dev team spent on this build.

About the only thing I am looking forward to in regards to the CLR are UDT's. AFAIK type inheritance is not allowed which is sad. Can the UDT be part of a key, foreign or primary? I don't know, I am waiting for the public beta to have a crack at it, and struggle to find any information about that.
If someone wants to correct my knowledge / ignorance about this please do!

XML is getting all the attention. The bastard child of the hierarchy lives and is ready to take over the world. Amazing really, considering it is the inherit power and flexibility of RM that allows a XML type (or any type) to be integrated seamless into a DBMS. Flexibility is the rallying cry as it drowns out the integrity issues. "But I can stuff anything into it now without any maintenance" Fantastic! Shit on shit.. what a sandwich... I'll have super size thanks! "But you can have XML schema's for integrity!" Pass the salt, maybe that will drown out the flavour...

XML is a UDT in Yukon isn't it? What's stopping MS from creating a Word UDT, EXCEL UDT, etc.."But Word and EXCEL all produce XML now".. Yeah I know...a 50MB document with only "Hello World" as the content.. Moore's Law better hold....

Maybe this will be a new market created by Yukon. Hmmmm I'll get to work now on the Image UDT with all the operators pre-defined and ready to go....Datablade anyone?

In the mean time.. I wonder where the DBMS went.

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Why do people drink budweiser?

Why do mommies drive suv's?


What did PT Barnum say?

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>> Fair dinkum that is so disturbing

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left by Jay at 6/3/2004 5:44 AM Gravatar
I agree with the XML over-exposure. I can't tell you how many times I've seen code samples on websites that make use of XML where it is completely unnecessary and serves no purpose but to complicate a simple task further. I think all those gay, buzz-word filled IBM commercials are starting to influence everyone's thinking...
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