DBAs are good

Financial, health, demographic, taxation, production, defence etc...There is some serious data out there all under the control of the men and women we call DBAs. 

Several years ago I remember being given a CD containing the entire electoral roll.  Within 10 minutes the data was inside SQL Server and my fellow DBA had a query showing all the girls aged 18-25 who lived in his neighbourhood. 

With the "information is power" catchcry, the potential for fun and profit are not far away and yet you hear very few cases of fraud/malicious damage against a DBA.

Is it because they are extremely ethical? Probably not...
Is it because they know how to bypass log and audit functionality?  Maybe..
Is it because they signed a confidential agreement? Probably..

Either way the DBA controls the most valuable part of a modern day business.  The advent of OSS, IMO, has given rise to more value being placed on data and schema and hence more responsibility for the DBA.  Several application vendors go so far as give cryptic names to tables in the hope of security through obscurity.  I remember seeing a UDF for GPS coordinates that had a copyright tag on it.  Granted it could be from a standard template but don't flatter yourself.  Imagine the state of the industry if IBM had IP'd the RM model (or SQL), where Codd was working at the time.

Select * from table --pay IBM $0.01
You don't want to know how much a CREATE TABLE cost...

So it seems we are nearing a point where every bit of software is potentially free and simple postcode data costs $1000.00

Viva la DBA!

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left by Jay Welshofer at 10/27/2004 5:31 PM Gravatar
Please, please, please: It is "DBAs" not "DBA's".

Please refer to


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left by DavidM at 10/27/2004 6:27 PM Gravatar
Thanks Jay. I was very average at English to begin with and then the spell and grammar checker where invented. What chance did I have?

"DBA is are good." Terrible, just terrible.

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left by rudy at 10/28/2004 10:26 PM Gravatar
what is OSS?

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left by DavidM at 10/28/2004 11:38 PM Gravatar
OSS = Open Source Software
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