Too good at SQL for a job..

The job market in Australia is pretty good at the moment for any decent programmer/DBA.  After the blood letting of post 2000, many charlatans where uncovered and removed.  The days of the “Database Fix“ began.. Contract after contract was the same.. “Fix this piece of s#it!“... “Fix it!  Sorry, I don't do resurrections.“

So a mate of mine is looking for a new job.  We worked together a while back.. He shared his knowledge of good programming and I shared the database stuff.   To cut to the chase...I'd hire/recommend him at the drop of a hat for any IT job.

Anyway he goes for a interview and they ask him to take a SQL “test“. A particular question involves choosing the correct SELECT operation for a particular situation.  When he quietly points out that one of the “wrong" queries is actually correct, they inform him that his personality would not fit in..  Sure he can be a annoying at times (like the rest of us), but I highly doubt he would have asserted that personality at an interview.

To be honest, you would not want to work in a shop like that anyway.

Good luck mate and stick it to them!!!

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perhaps that is exactly what they were testing -- his ability to point out a technical flaw in a friendly, non-condescending, helpful manner


see also the paragraph on people skills in this article --

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