A new error

It had been nagging me for a while.  When I started building this application, I reached into my code library and started copying and pasting various bits and pieces.

One in particular was an Error dialog control.  My exception framework uses this form to display errors to the user.  Depending on the type of exception, the interface changes to reflect the severity and type.

The original control was built nearly 6 years ago, so I quickly modified the internals (overloaded the constructor) to accept the new applications typed exception and thought no more it.

There are no technical issues with it.  It works.  But boy, it is UGLY when compared to the rest of application.

So I set about to change the interface.  A fairly risky proposition in a stable application.  The exception framework abstracts the calling of this control, so it has a very minimal profile to the rest of the application.

Feeling brave, I dove right in... 

The image below shows a database violation.  I have deliberately blanked out the name of the application. 

The client is a fan of "Little Britain" and insisted on the text in the form header.

The "Details" tab displays the stack trace, and the "Environment" contains information about the computer, OS and the applications state.

So what do you think? 

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# re: A new error

left by Mladen at 3/29/2007 7:35 PM Gravatar
well i think it looks nice.

# re: A new error

left by Jon at 3/29/2007 11:25 PM Gravatar
Very nice :)...clean looking. Like the tabbed layout, not sure if end users would actually take advantage of looking at a stack trace, but I'm sure it will help you.

# re: A new error

left by Jeff at 3/30/2007 12:31 AM Gravatar
I like it! I think it looks great and I like the layout with the tabs. A great way to provide lots of information without being overwhelming.

Your programs looks nicer when they crash than mine do when they are running correctly!

# re: A new error

left by DavidM at 3/30/2007 7:11 AM Gravatar
I really appreciate the feedback.

Thankyou all!

# re: A new error

left by Mladen at 3/30/2007 6:25 PM Gravatar
ok that's it... i want it!! :))

do you do the design yourself?

# re: A new error

left by DavidM at 3/31/2007 8:05 AM Gravatar
>>do you do the design yourself?

Yes I did.

Not bad for a colour blind dude I reckon!

Would you believe the screen shot is from an XP system and not Vista?
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