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My Statement of Support of Wendy Pastrick for the PASS Board

As part of the PASS Board election process community members can provide statements of support that are included in a candidate's application. I was pleased to provide such a statement on behalf of Wendy Pastrick. In keeping with the election process these statements are published for all candidates with the submitters' names removed. I am taking the additional step of publishing my statement here. I encourage you to learn about all the candidates campaign platforms on the PASS Elections site and to vote. The voting period is Oct. 5-11. ************************************************************** Statement of Support, Aug. 29, 2016 I have worked with Wendy as a...

My Recommendation of Ryan Adams for the PASS Board

Campaigning for the PASS Board of Directors election is underway. I encourage all eligible voters to read the candidate statements and learn about their perspectives and plans for PASS. Ask questions of the candidates at their Town Hall events on September 15 or in the discussion forums. Visit the elections page for links to these communication channels. All of the candidates are qualified to serve and have strong track records of volunteer involvement with PASS; voters will have to make some difficult choices. One of these candidates is Ryan Adams. I have been encouraging Ryan to run for the past...

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