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SQL Server 2008: PowerShell (PSH) Integration

  Before I get into this new SQL Server 2008 feature I want to briefly review why we have a new command-line in the Windows platform…In the current Windows ‘landscape’ we have a variety of technologies that can be used to programmatically administer various Windows data stores: 1.       MS-DOS and Batch Files 2.       Windows Script Host 3.       VBScript/Jscript & COM Object Models 4.       CLR Languages & Managed Object Models This current Windows programmatic administrative environment is a mess to say the least and when you need to incorporate multiple data stores into a single ‘script’ it can be more challenging. What is needed is a single...

SQL Server 2008: SSIS Data Profiler Task

Finally, we have a Data Profiling Utility w/SQL Server !!! With SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 2008 you will have access to the new Data Profiler task. The SSIS 2008 Data Profiler Task is an easy and effective method to profile your target source systems (tables & views) prior to building ETL solutions consuming their data. With the Data Profiler you can perform a variety of available 'profiles' against a SQL Server 2000 or later database using an ADO.Net connection. The output of the choosen profiles can be saved to an external XML file for viewing using a new standalone utility called the...

Full-time MCTs...Less Value?

Do you find that fulltime MCTs (and other teachers) are somewhat limited in their value to students? To me...all teachers should be practicing in the REAL WORLD what they are educating others on! Now before I get any further I can already hear the comments..."what about demos/labs"...Demos & Labs are HARDLY REAL WORLD! In college, I had much the same thoughts..."why is this guy teaching me if he’s so good and not out there DOING IT"? Personally, I enjoy teaching and even more so I enjoy seeing others learn, but if I only lived in academia my value to any...

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