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Value-Add: Data Warehousing & Analysis Services Cube Storage Estimates

A common question I hear from my clients is “how much storage do we need?” Now wait a second, I thought storage was cheap these days right? Wrong, consumer storage is cheap; enterprise storage is still not what I would classify as cheap. Add to this fact that Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDWs) commonly break into the several terabytes range and the matter of planning storage capacities becomes greater. Consulting firms that simply ignore this common client question are missing a value-add scenario. Your clients need to know how much space to plan for and if you simply say “roughly X...

So you want to be a Microsoft DW/BI Pro

  As a follow up to some recent feedback (actually a question) here is some more in depth information on becoming proficient in the Microsoft Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence stack. Get the terms straight Business Intelligence or BI is an umbrella term for various business processes, tools, and methodologies which support improved organizational decision making. Data Warehousing (and thus data warehouses) on the other hand are organizational repositories designed to facilitate highly scalable reporting & analytics. DW and BI go together like PB & J (ah the good ol' days). So is Data Warehousing synonymous with BI...NO! Data Warehousing is a common solution (due to its many advantages) implemented to enable BI...

The Business Behind BI

Hope everyone is doing well out there. A good friend of mine across the pond mentioned that he has started to read a lot of my content across the blogs, my SQL Magazine Articles/BI Column, etc. His feedback was excellent and relates to a general perception issue with the field of BI. "They are highly technology based" was his comment in so many words... First a few clarifications are in order, writing for SQL Magazine means you will be discussing the actual data platform called SQL Server at some length. This blog and other places though I could write more BI...

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