October 2008 Blog Posts

SSAS 2005: Cube Performance Tuning Lessons Learned

Intro. A recent project has forced me (which is a good thing) to learn both the internals of SSAS 2005 as well as various performance tuning techniques to get maximum performance out of the OLAP server. It goes without saying that the grain of both your underlying data warehouse's Dimensions & Facts will drive how large your cubes are (total cube space). It also should be a given that Processing Time & Query (MDX) Execution Time usually compete with one another. Given the same grain of a model, the more Grain Data, Indexing, and Aggreggations you process upfront should generally...

The Meaning of the Microsoft MVP Award

I have been working with Microsoft SQL Server for close to ten years now if you include my college days (yes, my college used SQL Server 7.0 for learning RDBMS purposes). I have literally built my entire career around Microsoft SQL Server and have used the product for development, administration, and now for building DW/BI solutions. Around the 2002 timeframe I became aware of this mysterious elite group of folks called Microsoft MVPs. I perceived that MVPs were the best of the best and thus by winning the award you would prove you were one of the best. On October...

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