November 2008 Blog Posts

Business Intelligence Explained for the DBA

Business Intelligence (BI) systems exist for one sole purpose: to support improved organizational decision making. BI can be accomplished using a variety of techniques and solutions. There is however pros and cons of the various methods one can implement to support BI. Additionally, you will typically see a life cycle of BI in an organization as it matures:   Maturity ...

Change Data Capture w/o the SQL Server 2008 Relational Engine

With the arrival of SQL Server 2008 we gained access to a new feature called Change Data Capture (CDC). CDC enables you to constantly stream change data to a consuming process, most notably Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) applications. In the SQL Server environment the ETL tool used is of course SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). As a side note, one thing that has bugged me since studying CDC in SQL Server 2008 over the last several months has been Books Online (BOL) statement’s about CDC as a SSIS feature. There are a few instances of such statements, for example...

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