June 2009 Blog Posts

Join me on October 15th and learn how to quickly deliver actionable information to your company's leaders

Learn how to strengthen your company's overall health and help your business thrive in this tough economy - without ever leaving your desk. Attend this exclusive series and discover how to quickly deliver actionable information without any significant software costs or long running data warehouse projects. Cut excessive costs, identify your most profitable customer's attributes, improve operations, and reap additional business value from your organization's existing data assets Get real-life tips and to-the-point training on how to leverage Microsoft BI to reduce uncertainty and generate quick ROI for...

Azure: Data Mining in the Cloud

SQL Server data mining has always been somewhat of an overlooked, niche technology. There are several logical reasons for SQL Server data mining’s slow adoption. First, there are few companies that take the time to consider if they can benefit from the technology (OLAP tends to be the technological “stop point” in modern day). Furthermore, there are few Information Workers (IWs) and technology professionals that are trained in data mining concepts. Finally, SQL Server data mining requires the availability of an installed SQL Server Analysis Services instance. I do believe that over time the first two reasons for SQL Server data...

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