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Hi Folks! For a while I was attempting (probably the correct word) to keep both this blog as well as my SQL Server Magazine SQL Server BI blog current. Working on growing B.I. Voyage , speaking, writing, and blogging is quite the work load. And so this blog suffered as a result. THANK YOU all who read my blog here on, I intend to leave it live for those who might benefit from its content at a later date. My consolidated, single blog can be found at . Cheers, Derek

Oracle-CDC for SSIS - an Easy-to-use Solution for Real-time Data Integration

Oracle-CDC for SSIS - an Easy-to-use Solution for Real-time Data Integration Join Attunity & SQL Server MVP Derek Comingore of BI Voyage for a Webinar on September 22 Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at:                                                              Why move all your data when you can just move the changes? Ready to make batch windows, full loads and expensive tools history and make efficient, cost-effective Oracle data integration a reality? Register today to find out how! Learn about Attunity Oracle-CDC for SSIS, a complete and affordable solution for integrating continually-changing Oracle data using wizards built into SQL Server Integration Services, leveraging best-of-breed CDC...

SQL Saturday #23 in Louisville, KY

I'll be speaking at the SQL Saturday #23 event held in Louisville, KY on October 24th, 2009. I will be giving two sessions, the first of which will be on SQL Server 2008 R2 and Project Gemini: BI for the Masses. My second presentation will be on a topic very near and dear to me, Change Data Capture (CDC) with Attunity's lineup of great CDC products. Long ago (before CDC was commonplace) I was charged with creating a real-time ETL process. It was a challenging requirement but at the end of the day it was meet (albeit with some roadbumps but thats to...

Addressing the MSFT BI Naysayers

Update: Check out Richard's (he posted a comment on this post) about his own thoughts on MSFT BI Delivery and Leadership Topics here: . I agree with just about everything he states. Overall, could MSFT BI be a better story (see ProClarity)? YES. Does MSFT need a better, unified platform vision for it's BI story? YES. All that being said, the MSFT BI software products are good platforms for building an enterprise BI solution on top off. As Richard mentions, 90%+ of an actual implementation's success depends upon the people involved (both consultants and customers).   Every so often, I receive...

Attunity Receives Readers Choice Award for Oracle-CDC for SSIS

If you have not yet checked out Attunity and their line up of data integration components for SSIS your missing out! Attunity is without question one of the elite SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 3rd Party Providers and the company's recent award of a Reader Choice Award from Visual Studio Magazine is yet another sign of the company's commitment to SSIS Excellence. This award was in reference to Attunity's recently released Oracle CDC for SSIS product (a personal wish list item of mine). The full press release can be here: Happy Data Integration! Derek

Understanding Microsoft BI: New TechNet Articles Released

I had a great opportunity recently to write a series of articles for TechNet Magazine with fellow MSFT BI gurus Stacia Misner and Scot Reagin. The first two articles can be found in the upcoming Auguest issue of TechNet Magazine (the online versions of the articles can be found using the link above as well). Stacia writes a great introductory article on explaining what BI is and then the common solutions/technologies we employ in modern-day times to build such solutions. In the second article I present a very simple yet concise set of dimensional modeling, data mapping, and SSIS packages that...

Join me on October 15th and learn how to quickly deliver actionable information to your company's leaders

Learn how to strengthen your company's overall health and help your business thrive in this tough economy - without ever leaving your desk. Attend this exclusive series and discover how to quickly deliver actionable information without any significant software costs or long running data warehouse projects. Cut excessive costs, identify your most profitable customer's attributes, improve operations, and reap additional business value from your organization's existing data assets Get real-life tips and to-the-point training on how to leverage Microsoft BI to reduce uncertainty and generate quick ROI for...

Congrats to Calvin Borel, 2009 Kentucky Derby Winner

From rags to riches....congrats Calvin Borel...the common man.  

Silverlight Dashboards

Silverlight 2.0 & 3.0 About a year ago now I witnessed my first Silverlight dashboard in a product Microsoft created called Microsoft Enterprise Cube (MEC). The dashboard was amazingly rich and interactive. I quickly became a fan boy of Silverlight dashboards and finally understood the important relationship between data and data visualization (a term until then I felt was a bit overhyped). A recent project I have been working on has given me the ability to exploit Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 for Business Intelligence purposes. Basically, Silverlight (including the 2.0 release) is a lightweight, cross-browser plug-in developed by Microsoft that facilitates rich,...

MCM & MCA Programs...Great if you’re not in BI

This is my biggest frustration with the advanced certification programs at Microsoft. Microsoft has clearly identified the need to create advanced certification programs yet Business Intelligence has zero representation! I have created past Connect suggestions and even made in-person suggestions on live meetings yet I keep receiving a response of “not now”. Is Business Intelligence not deserving of its own advanced certification programs? Clearly Microsoft sees the value in the Business Intelligence industry via its large efforts on creating the best enterprise BI platform available in the market! Derek

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