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Real-Time BI? Yes or No? Which is it…

This is probably one of the hottest topics (and has been) in the BI field. A few years ago while working for a major online mortgage company I lead the implementation and design of a very large scale ETL real-time solution that I designed based upon SOA architecture principals. Read more →

Sincere Thanks & MSFT Exam Week

I wanted to take a post and thank everyone who has helped me with getting this blog up and also those who are visiting it frequently. So I would like to thank the following individuals for helping me: Read more →

Ken Henderson's Passing

Fellow (and new ones here on 'SQL Geeks', apparently Mr. Henderson passed away this past Sunday. The blog stating this is located here When I wrote my first (and only to this date) lead author book it was on a non-BI topic, SQLCLR. Read more →