June 2004 Blog Posts


We are currently putting processes in place to comply with the Deloitte & Touche interpretation of Sarbanes-Oxley for our internal audit department, and for certification of compliance with Deloitte & Touche.  As a DBA, I normally don't complain about processes and have introduced many at my company; however, today I read the proposed functions the DBA would have in my organization if they pass the version currently being considered. Database Administrator:  The DBA will insure the integrity and performance of the database environment.  The DBA will not have access to security functions.  The DBA will not have access to the physical servers. ...

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Moving system databases 101

This is something I see posted continuously on various forums.  Some fine, young idiot on one forum yesterday said the solution was to just detach and attach all the system databases.  That doesn't work in case you 're just itching to try it. Luckily for us Oracle, I mean Microsoft, has done a fine job though of outlining a solution for this very issue (hard to believe I know).  Every DBA should take this link and store it away in their little toolbox of bookmarks: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;224071 Why would you want to do this? Many people, myself included, like to keep all the databases in a...

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